Second Century Campaign

The Second Century Campaign transforming the landscape of the school and providing the resources necessary to revolutionize teaching and learning for faculty and students for years to come.

As of July 2017, gifts from $2,500 to $2 million have yielded more than $16 M in a comprehensive campaign that funds Facilities Transformation ($10.4 M), Annual Fund ($2.9M) and Programmatic Endowments ($2.7M).

Early gifts to the campaign allowed Collegiate to begin construction on the two new buildings, slated for completion in time for opening day of the 2017-18 school year. Because these new facilities are so critical for teaching and learning, Collegiate’s administration is boldly opening the facilities to serve students and faculty with confidence that the Collegiate community will invest the remaining $3.9M needed to realize the $20M total goal.

Since 2011, t through. recognize the Centennial milestone by embarking on the largest campaign in school history.

We continue to secure leadership gifts as we launch the Community Phase of the campaign in which all members of the community will be solicited for both the Second Century Facilities Transformation and the Annual Fund.

Thank you for joining us on this transformational journey!

What you should know...

List of 15 frequently asked questions.

    Why are we having a campaign?

    Collegiate’s highest priority is to provide the resources necessary to transform teaching and learning. This campaign is about academic excellence and relevance. Our focus will keep these two fundamental concepts at the heart of our campaign goals - which cannot be met through the operating budget. The Board approved the campaign with the following objectives to address those needs:
    Facilities Transformation to Support Academic Excellence and Relevance, including:
    • Dan and Frances Street Learning Commons
    • Design Studio and The Makery
    • Kitchen, Servery and Thornton Family Dining Commons
    • Owsley Brown Family Performing and Visual Arts Center
    Programmatic Endowments in Support of Academic Excellence, including:
    • Professional Development
    • Faculty Chairs
    • Educational Technology
    • Global Citizenship
    • Character Education
  • What are the phases of Collegiate's Second Century Campaign?

    The Second Century Campaign consists of three phases: 
    • The 18-month Planning Phase collected information regarding the feasibility of a campaign. Members of the school’s constituencies were interviewed, surveyed or invited to consultative gatherings. The resulting information informed the Board of Trustees in their decision to launch a campaign in December 2013.
    • The Leadership Phase is a period of cultivation and solicitation of the school’s historically largest donors. Through June 30 2017, Collegiate has raised approximately $16.1 of the $20M goal.
    • The Community Phase is the final phase of the campaign and all of Collegiate’s constituencies will be asked to support the school’s long-term priorities. A public kickoff is scheduled for Fall 2017. In the community phase the remaining 24% of the campaign goal will be solicited and pledged.
    The participation of everyone in the Collegiate community will lead to the successful completion of this campaign, which is integral to the successful completion of our new facilities and a substantive increase in the school's endowment.
  • Who is managing Collegiate’s capital campaign?

    The campaign is being led by the Second Century Campaign Committee under the direction of Ceci Conway Boden '85, Campaign Chair. The campaign is further supported by Honorary Campaign Committee led by William Street H'09, Chair. The School's efforts are augmented by several other volunteers in the Collegiate community and the Advancement Office staff.
  • Who is being asked to support the campaign?

    The entire Collegiate community will be asked to support the campaign including the Board of Trustees, faculty and staff, parents, grandparents, alumni, alumni families and friends. During the campaign all community members must make Collegiate a philanthropic priority to ensure its success.
  • Will the Board of Trustees be supporting the campaign?

    Yes. The Trustees voted unanimously in December 2013 to conduct The Second Century Campaign and their pledges were solicited first.
  • Are capital campaigns typical in other independent schools?

    Yes. It is essential for schools like Collegiate to raise funds to meet facilities and endowment needs because those needs cannot be met by tuition or the Annual Fund.
  • When did Collegiate conduct its last capital campaign?

    • Beginning in 2001, The Leap without Bounds Campaign successfully raised $11.5 million for the complete replacement of the Upper School, construction of the Mary Rodes Lannert Athletic Center, renovation of the existing Frazier Gym, and the purchase of the property at Champions Trace.
    • In the intervening years additional capital projects funded the development of the first four fields and facilities at Champions Trace, the renovation of the JK and Anna E. Wilton Admissions Houses and the Auditorium, and most recently the development of three new fields at Champions Trace.
  • Why does Collegiate need an endowment?

    An endowment fund is one in which the original principal is protected in perpetuity. The interest earned on the principal pays for continuing operational needs over a long period of time. Each $1 million in our endowment provides approximately $50,000 annually to operations, which can help attract and retain outstanding faculty and create and maintain the necessary programs to provide our students with an exceptional education. Our endowment is currently slightly over $7M.
  • What happens to the Annual Fund during the capital campaign?

    Our campaign is a comprehensive campaign. Donors will be asked to consider multi-year pledges to the Annual Fund, Facilities transformation and the Endowment.
  • How much should I give to the Second Century campaign?

    Only you can decide how much to give and we are asking everyone to be as generous as possible. Your gift to the campaign should be based on your ability to give, an understanding of the school's needs and your belief in the mission of Collegiate. Because this is a comprehensive campaign, pledges may be paid over a multi-year period.
  • Will I be notified when the payments on my pledge are due?

    Yes. Regular pledge payment reminders will be sent to you based on intervals you specify when making your pledge..
  • May I make a contribution in some form other than cash?

    Yes. The Advancement Office will be happy to assist you. Gifts of appreciated securities, real estate, life insurance and charitable trusts may be among the best choices for your family. Consult your accountant, banker or financial planner to determine which method of payment is best for you and your family.
  • Will there be naming opportunities?

    Yes. There are naming opportunities available.   If you are interested, please contact the Advancement Office.  For a list of already named spaces, click here.
  • We would like our gift to be anonymous. Is that possible?

    Yes. All donors to the Second Century Campaign will be recognized in the campaign gift report and the gifts of those who wish to remain anonymous will be reflected accordingly.
  • Has Collegiate acquired any property recently?

    In 2012, we purchased the Courtenay House which is located next to the Lower School. The purchase was made possible by several individuals who made low-interest loans and outright gifts.

    In 2014, the school acquired Burger's Market and Yorktown Apartments. Neither is part of the campaign and the future use of each is currently being considered by the Board of Trustees.

    Additional property acquisition is part of any school’s sustainability and stewardship planning.

Second Century Campaign Committee

Ceci Conway Boden ‘85, Chair
Dr. James Calleroz White
Brian Cook ‘94
Heather Farrer
Stephanie Fellon
Leslie Geoghegan
Joyce Pavia Hanson
Augusta Brown Holland ‘94A
Sean O’Leary
Cindy Skarbek

Honorary Second Century Campaign Committee

William M. Street ’09H, Chair
James R. Allen
Paul J. Bickel III
Christina Lee Brown
Barbara Beard Castleman ‘46
Chenault McClure Conway ‘59
Mary Collis Hancock ‘46
Kathy Oyler
Junius W. Prince
Louise Rapp Wall ‘47

Community Phase Volunteers

Community Phase Chair:
Stephanie Fellon

Lower School Chair: Alison Chmiel Brehm ‘89
  • KG: Tim Johnson and Dave Lyle
  • 1st: Josh Nagel
  • 2nd: Michelle Berson
  • 3rd: Wendi Haller
  • 4th: Nicole Vance
  • 5th: Nora FitzGerald Meldrum '92
Middle School Chair: Mitch Rue
  • 6th: David English
  • 7th: Annie Fitzgerald and Annie McLaughlin
  • 8th: Jody Howard
Upper School Chair: Sarah Steenrod
  • 9th: Jennifer Kramer
  • 10th: Sarah Steenrod
  • 11th: Bab Rodes Robinson ‘80 and JC Stites
  • 12th: Lisa Tate Austin ‘87
Alumni Chairs: Laurie Camp Vieth '76 and Louisa Rietze Lewandowski '90

Former Trustee Chair: Martha Dunbar Hall ‘77 and Louise Rapp Wall '47

Second Century Campaign Community Phase Structure
Second Century Construction Project

The purpose of the Second Century Construction Project is to create dining, performing and visual arts, design and research spaces that will transform teaching and learning for all Collegiate students and faculty. The goals of this facilities transformation are to support the school’s mission into its second century, to create a unified campus that is secure, flexible and contiguous and to provide spaces that all of our students will utilize. The new construction encompasses two buildings - one two-story and another three-story - that connect seamlessly with the architecture and flow of the campus and surrounding neighborhood.  


The two-story building provides the Dan and Frances Street Learning Commons, the ArevaCEDE (Center for Entrepreneurship, Engineering, and Design) and future classrooms for students and faculty to study, learn, seek out reference materials, conduct research, collaborate and problem-solve.


The first floor of the three-story building will be a daily hub for students and faculty to gather for nutritious meals in the Thornton Family Dining Commons.  The upper two floors will be the home to the Owsley Brown Family Performing and Visual Arts Center.


Construction began in spring 2016, and will be complete in August 2017 for the opening of the 2017-18 school year. We will keep you informed of the progress occurring on campus through our Construction Blog and this webpage. We look forward to the participation of every member of the Collegiate community in transforming teaching and learning for all of our students and faculty.

Transforming Our Future Newsletter – Summer 2017

Timeline of Events - September 2016 - August 2017

Collegiate broke ground on the Second Century Construction Project with a ceremony following the 2016 Kindergarten Derby. For a full history on the extensive planning and community preparations to begin this project, click here.

September 2016
Dan and Frances Street Learning Commons

The roof is installed and the building is dried in.

Junior Kindergarten

The JK playground reopens behind the Courtenay House, adjacent to the Lower School, after installation of a trike slab and 6-foot fence.

Thornton Family Dining Commons

The slab is poured and the structural steel is set.

October 2016
Owsley Brown Family Performing and Visual Arts Center

The structural steel is set for the second and third floors, and the bar joists are installed for the roof. The metal deck is installed for the second and third floors, and the roof deck is completed.

June - August 2017 Completion of Second Century Construction

Meet the Construction Manager (CM)

Since 1945, Wehr Constructors has developed a portfolio of healthcare, worship, educational, judicial, industrial and institutional facilities ranging in costs from $100,000 to over $75 million. Although their focus over the past 20 years has been healthcare and worship facilities, they have completed numerous educational and commercial facilities in the central Kentucky region. Wehr Constructors is owned and operated by the Berry family which includes five generations of general contracting and engineering experience. Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky with offices in Lexington, Kentucky and Tampa, Florida, they are proud to be the largest general contractor and construction manager in the Louisville area.

Meet the Architects

OMR Architects believe in a collaborative approach to architecture in which every building study and design is a unique response to their client's particular goals, concerns and needs.


Their practice is dedicated to finding holistic sustainable design solutions in all their work. Theirprojects are varied and include independent and public schools, municipal, religious and residential projects.

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