Annual Fund FAQ

List of 11 frequently asked questions.

  • What is the Annual Fund?

    The Annual Fund is a fundraising program that helps finance the day-to-day experience of every Collegiate student. Gifts of all types come from parents, alumnae/i, faculty and staff, parents of alumnae/i, former faculty and staff, grandparents, and friends.
  • How are the Annual Fund contributions used?

    Contributions to Louisville Collegiate School’s Annual Fund go directly to the operations of the School, making up a portion of the school’s budget. Your generosity helps Collegiate attract and retain the brightest faculty who prepare our students for a complex and ever changing world. Philanthropic support designated to Collegiate’s endowment and facilities ensures a quality education for future generations.  

    The fund also supports unique experience in the arts and athletics. When a student opens a school ipad, signs up for Mock Trial or turns on a light switch your gift to the Annual Fund has played a role in affording the Collegiate experience.
  • Why not raise the cost of tuition?

    The Board of Trustees tries to keep tuition as low as possible so as many families as possible will be able to afford a Collegiate education. Raising tuition would restrict even further the number of families who could attend the school. At the same time, we must maintain the excellence of our academic programs. Charitable contributions help us achieve both goals.
  • What is the time period for the Annual Fund?

    Each year, the Louisville Collegiate School Annual Fund runs from July 1 through June 30.
  • How much am I expected to give?

    Every dollar makes a difference, and every student benefits.

    Gifts of all sizes are needed and welcome. A gift of $100 may provide library books to the Lower School; $500, microscope repair and maintenance for a science class; $1,500, a professional development opportunity for a teacher; $3,000, athletic equipment for a team; $5,000, college visitations by the College Counseling Office; or $10,000, renowned speakers who visit campus and address our community.  

    A Leadership Donor is someone who gives $2,000+ to the Annual Fund. Leadership Donors receive distinct recognition and special access to programs, staff, publications and leaders.
  • What if I can't give at this time?

    If now is not the right time, there are ways we can help. You can pledge now and defer payment until later or you can also pay in installments. All pledge payments must be received by the close of the Annual Fund, which is June 30. You can make a pledge here.
  • Do matching gifts count?

    Yes. When you make a gift to Collegiate, you can double or triple its impact by checking with your employer to see if they participate in a matching gift program. Many companies and foundations match the value of charitable gifts made by employees and their spouses, board members, and retirees.
  • What are the Giving Levels?

    $25,000 or more - President's Club
    $15,000 - $24,999 - Leaf & Laurel
    $10,000 - $14,999 - Golden Circle
    $5,000 - $9,999 - Founder's Club
    $3,500 - $4,999 - 1915 Society
    $2,000 - $3,499 - Alma Mater
    $1,500 - $1,999 - Blue & Gold
    $1,000 - 1,499 - Head of School
    $750 - $999 - Honors Level
    $500 - $749 - Titan & Amazon
    $250 - $499 - Head of Class
    $100 - $249 - Glenmary
    $1 - $99 - Friend
  • How do I make a gift?

    Online: Click Here

    Mail check to:
    Louisville Collegiate School
    Advancement Office
    2427 Glenmary Avenue
    Louisville, KY 40204
  • Who do I contact if I have more questions?

    For more information, please contact Stephanie Disney, Associate Director of Advancement, at 502.479.0343 or
  • Why does Louisville Collegiate School have an Annual Fund?

    Tuition alone does not cover the full expenses of an independent school education. Like other schools and colleges, Collegiate relies on gifts to help bridge the gap between tuition income and annual operating expenses.

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