Financial Assistance

We are committed to making a Collegiate education available to students who strongly desire and are prepared to undertake a challenging educational program regardless of the family's ability to pay full tuition.

To help families with the cost of our education, Collegiate offers a variety of payment plans and a need-based financial aid program. About 35 percent of Collegiate students receive a portion of the need-based financial aid that Collegiate provides annually. Our commitment to providing financial aid means that we are sharing your investment in your child's education.  Collegiate’s financial assistance program serves to provide the school with a talented student body reflecting a diverse social and economic mix. 

Every family, regardless of need, is asked to pay a portion of the tuition costs. However, the amount of financial aid varies and is based on each family's unique situation, income, and circumstances. Because Collegiate admits more students than we are able to fund, admitted students do not always receive assistance, even if they demonstrate the financial need.  All families’ requests for financial assistance are reviewed by the financial assistance committee. 

Financial aid is kept entirely confidential and families are also required to maintain this confidentiality or their award may be at risk. 

Collegiate is committed to expanding students’ understanding of the world and the opportunities they may encounter. Through need-based financial assistance, merit scholarships, and payment plan options, the school makes a Collegiate education possible for our students.  
“Collegiate changed my life completely. I love and miss everything about that amazing school. The education I received there is priceless ..."
                         - 2006 Collegiate Alumni

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Louisville Collegiate School is a JK-12, co-ed independent day school located in the historic Highlands neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky.