Student Support Services

In order to better optimize every student's learning, Collegiate provides a myriad of support services for students across all grade levels. Using a team approach involving nine in-school specialists: three divisional guidance counselors, three learning support coordinators, a reading specialist, a math specialist and a full-time school nurse, the Student Support Team provides academic, social, health and wellness support to students in the Lower, Middle and Upper School divisions.

Student support services include:
  • Learning support
  • Social and emotional support
  • Health and wellness support

Upper School Learning Support Services

Equipped with strategies and the confidence to appreciate their exceptional talents, our students find success inside and outside the classroom. Whether the highly experienced staff is responding to recommendations and accommodations made available through outside, professional, evaluations or they are responding to more general concerns expressed by a student, her teacher or her parents, the student's ultimate success is always the goal. Communication with outside resources is also key to the solution seeking approach that is fundamental to the program.

Learning Support Services Include:
  • An Integrated Team Approach: All team members are engaged, better ensuring that academic needs are met.
  • Individual Learning Plans: The Learning Support Coordinator creates and manages learning plans for students whose professional evaluations document learning challenges and needs.
  • Academic Skill Building: Essential skill development in both Language Arts and Mathematics is the focus of a student's academic progress.
  • Accelerated Enrichment: Support that utilizes an integrated approach to supporting students during the school day inside and outside of class.
  • Parent Partnership: Student Support Staff support parents too by providing frequent communications and a deeper understanding of how their student learns.

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  • Teachers’ Office Hours

    Teachers are available to assist students outside of class before and/or after school. If a teacher is not available after school due to coaching or school meeting obligations, the teacher will communicate his/her before-school office hours with students.
  • In-School Study Halls

    Regular study halls are a part of all  Upper School students’ schedules. Students that enroll in five classes will have two 75 minute study halls offered over a two-day period, and students that enroll in six classes will have one 75 minute study hall every other day.
  • Academic Labs

    The Academic Lab is offered to Upper School students during the school day in lieu of a general study hall. This structured study hall  maintains a student- to- teacher ratio of 10:1 and provides daily support for students by offering enhanced study skills, organizational skills and homework assistance when needed. Two types of Academic Labs are offered: English/History and Math/Science.

    Enrollment Prerequisites: Upper school students with Learning Plans that will be best served by a structured Academic Lab, versus a study hall, will be recommended for the Academic Lab by the Middle & Upper School Coordinator of Learning Support Services. Students without Learning Plans must be recommended by the grade level team and approved by the Middle & Upper School Coordinator of Learning Support Services. Maximum enrollment capacity for each Academic Lab is 10 students.
  • Common Work Period

    The Common Work Period (CWP) is designed to provide students with the opportunity to do academic work independently, with their classmates, or with their teachers. A daily CWP is offered for 9th-12th grades from 9:30-9:50 a.m., and an extended CWP is offered once every four days for 10th-12th grade students from 1:45-3:00 p.m. Teachers are available during the CWP time to assist students with homework help or provide tutorial assistance, and it is our goal that efficient use of unstructured time will develop independent and autonomous learners. Students will be able to choose among a variety of activities including (but not limited to): conducting research in the library, collaborating with other students on class projects, reviewing with teachers for upcoming assessments, working independently on assignments, and getting extra help.

Meet our Upper School Learning Support Services Coordinator

Kristin Kephart

Upper School Learning Support Services Coordinator, Kristin Kephart, works collaboratively with the Lower and Middle School Coordinators of Learning Support Services and manages the learning support services for the Upper School division. Kristin writes and manages all learning plans for upper school students who have had outside evaluations and works closely with teachers to provide training and instructional strategies to support students with accommodations. Through classroom observations, parent meetings and grade level team meetings, Kristin serves as a liaison ensuring there are open lines of communication between parents, students, teachers and advisers.

Kristin holds a BA in Psychology from the University of Kentucky and a Master’s in Education, Counseling Psychology, from the University of Louisville. Her experience working with children spans over 12 years in Michigan and Kentucky providing a myriad of services which include the development of Individual Education Plans (IEP), diagnosis, assessment, treatment, and evaluation in a variety of settings to support children’s success inside and outside of the classroom.

Upper School Social and Emotional Support Services

  • An Integrated Team Approach: All team members are engaged, better insuring that both social and emotional needs are met.
  • Character Education: The Guidance Counselor teaches social and character education topics that include friendship, social issues and leadership which all span the Collegiate Cornerstones: respect, responsibility, honor and compassion.
  • Health and Wellness Topics: Stress management and transition to college topics are addressed in twelfth grade.
  • Individual Counseling Sessions: Individual counseling sessions with the Guidance Counselor can be scheduled to address issues such as family transitions, developmental and behavior concerns, difficulty with peer relationships, and grief and loss. Counseling sessions can be held at the request of parents, students or teachers.

Meet our Upper School Guidance Counselor

Carey Goldstein

Mrs. Carey Goldstein is our Upper School Counselor who has been at Collegiate since 2003. She has a Bachelor’s Degree in Public Communication with a minor in Sociology from American University in Washington DC and a Master’s Degree in Education with a focus on Counseling from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, VA. She is a Nationally Certified Counselor for grades K-12. Before she was at Collegiate she was an Admission Counselor at Spalding University. Mrs. Goldstein has also coached Middle School field hockey and softball at Collegiate. She is a Louisville native and was a member of the Collegiate class of 1990, she now has two children that attend Collegiate, Elise and Sally.

Mrs. Goldstein is an advocate for Collegiate students. She works closely with students and families to address adolescent issues, academic success strategies, stress management, addictions, anxiety, depression, personal and family problems. Through teaching character education to grades 9-12. Mrs. Goldstein gets to know the students as individuals and is better able to help them have a positive Upper School experience. The topics covered in these classes cover the range of issues Upper School students face, from friendship and social issues to learning difference to leadership.

Upper School Health Support Services

Health and Wellness Support Services Offered:
  • Cuts and Minor Emergencies: Whether it’s a scraped knee or a head to head collision on the playground, the School Nurse is ready to respond and care for all children.
  • Medication Administration: Over the counter medication and prescription medication are safely administered by the School Nurse per parent directive and doctor’s prescription
  • Student Medical Plans: Students with severe allergies or other major medical conditions will be supported with a medical plan managed by the School Nurse which is communicated to the teachers and student support team. Educational support with confirmation of care competency is provided by the School Nurse to faculty responsible for these students during off-campus trips.
  • Illness: Whether it’s lice, nausea, or a fever, students are assured comfort and care in the privacy of the nurse’s office which is equipped with a recovery couch, over-the-counter medicine and medical supplies.

Meet our School Nurse

Angela Sartin

Angela Sartin is a Registered Nurse with a career spanning twenty years. She earned her Nursing Degree from the University of Kentucky where she was a two-time recipient of the March of Dimes Scholarship for Academic Excellence in Nursing. After a successful internship with Easter Seals/Cardinal Hill, Angela served as the Camp Nurse at Easter Seal Camp KYSOC. While she was caring for children with multiple physical and developmental challenges in the adaptive recreational setting, Angela’s love for pediatric nursing began as she researched children’s health issues pertaining to developmental differences. When Easter Seals/Cardinal Hill opened their East End Louisville facility, Angela worked with the University of Louisville Neurology as they implemented the area’s first single day, multidisciplinary ALS clinic. Prior to coming to Louisville Collegiate School in 2004, Nurse Sartin worked as the Head Nurse at Camp Walden in the Adirondacks and taught clinicals for nursing students at Spencerian College.

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