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Visiting Speakers & Consultants

We believe that the fulfillment of our mission requires on-going, meaningful professional development for all faculty and staff. Meaningful professional development opportunities should be mission- based, faculty-driven, wide-ranging, research-based, correspond with professional and/or department goals, respect faculty members’ experience and needs, promote collegiality, prize innovation and risk taking, and incorporate best teaching practices.
Professional development takes on many forms such as internal class visits, external schools visits, conferences, internal & external workshops, continuing education, webinars, collaborative discussions, readings, research, published writing, work with professional organizations, on-line course work, visiting speakers & authors, seminars­­, curriculum alignment, cultural competency training, technology training, and more. Faculty and staff are encouraged to apply for funds to support their growth as it pertains to their professional goals and the school’s mission. Faculty members wishing to receive funds for professional development opportunities submit a professional funds request to the professional development committee comprised of the division heads and the Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs. 

The Big 6: Collegiate Professional Development Initiatives

The Collegiate Collaborative
This initiative is an opportunity for teachers and other faculty and staff members to lead a professional development experience with their colleagues and for their colleagues. Opportunities can include a wide range of experiences such as a film viewing, book discussion, article discussion, or any other learning opportunity. Leading and participating in the Collegiate Collaborative is voluntary for our faculty and staff and is a great way to foster leadership, build relationships, and engage in higher level discussions. Faculty members that wish to lead a Collegiate Collaborative pick the date, time, and location for their event. All Collegiate Collaborative events are posted on the faculty/staff professional development calendar.

Past events have included: Film viewing and discussion of Boyhood, makerspace tools training and projects in the Makery, book discussions, appy hour and Hands-on exploration of educational technology for the classroom.

Collegiate’s Annual EdCamp Mini Conference
Since 2013, Collegiate has organized its own internal annual teaching & learning conference for faculty and staff by faculty and staff. Participants choose several teacher-led workshops to attend. This conference-style professional development opportunity allows faculty and staff to lead and attend workshops that best meet their professional needs and interests. Some of the past workshops have included book binding, art & critical thinking, Twitter and social media, revamping units with technology integration, technology smack down, how we learn math, the art of Polish paper design, paint like an Impressionist, performance assessments, and identifying “blinders” & resisting stereotypes.
February Faculty Classroom Challenge
Teachers are required to conduct at least two internal class visits each year.  The February Faculty Classroom Challenge encourages teachers to visit as many classes as possible during the month of February. This is a priceless opportunity for teachers to “walk in the shoes” of their colleagues that teach in other divisions or departments. This professional development opportunity fosters collegiality and often builds new relationships across all divisions of the school and leaves a lasting impression on the faculty.
Collegiate Innovation Grant
In 2015, the Innovation Grant opportunity for faculty began. The purpose of the Collegiate Innovation Grant is to encourage and foster innovation in the classroom and support collaborative work that crosses the disciplinary boundaries. The fund is directed toward furthering faculty expertise in the art and science of teaching. There must be a clear application to student learning and teacher professional development. The fund provides resources for ideas and experiments, allowing teachers to take that chance and try something new. Proposals should be aligned with the mission of the school and describe the processes, techniques, and applications as they pertain to student and teacher learning, and indicate measurable outcomes. Beginning in the summer of 2015, faculty groups can apply for an Innovation Grant through the faculty professional development funds application process.
Summer in Tanzania
Louisville Collegiate School has cultivated a partnership with The School of St. Jude in Tanzania. Faculty members travel each summer to Tanzania to participate in a professional development opportunity to teach at The School of St. Jude.
Collegiate faculty members spend two weeks co-teaching at the school, experiencing the local culture and interacting with staff, faculty, and students. Collegiate teachers lead interactive classes, participate in faculty meetings, perform at school assemblies, take field trips, engage in reading books with students during DEAR (drop everything and read) time, help with homework, and play enriching games. This fascinating opportunity is an annual professional development commitment for both schools allowing them to trade experiences and knowledge. More info about this program can be found here.
Faculty Awards
Each year, one faculty member is selected and honored at graduation with The Katherine McCracken Davis Distinguished Teaching Chair Award. This chair is awarded each year to a full-time teacher who best represents the ideals of lifelong learning and the pursuit of excellence. Every other year one faculty member is selected and honored at graduation with The Helen Kent Longley Distinguished Chair Award. This two-year appointment celebrates a teacher of any grade or discipline who has taught at Collegiate for two or more years, and who has exhibited the qualities of enthusiasm for scholarship and learning, commitment and loyalty to the school, and love for and enjoyment of students.

Questions about Collegiate’s Professional Development Program can be directed to the Assistant Head of School for Academic Affairs, Tracie Catlett,

LearnFest '16
LearnFest ’16, an official IdeaFestival event, was a full day of inspirational talks by leading innovators in education. The goal of LearnFest is to provoke cutting edge thinking in PreK-12 education across all disciplines with all education stakeholders. Speakers included: Dr. Yong Zhao, Anne Murphy Paul, Pat Bassett, Philip Yenawine and Dr. Judy Willis.


Dr. Tony Wagner, Ed.D., Harvard University
Dr. Tony Wagner of the Innovation Lab at Harvard University, and author of The Global Achievement Gap and Creating Innovators, joined the Collegiate faculty and staff via Skype on opening day of the 2014-15 school year.  

Dr. Pam Robbins, Ed.D., University of California, Berkley
Dr. Pam Robbins conducted workshops on teaching and learning with the faculty on campus at Collegiate during the 2014-15 school year. 

Open to the Public: Local and National Professional Development Events on Collegiate’s Campus

LearnFest '17
In 2016, Louisville Collegiate School launched LearnFest '16, a one-day symposium with global thought leaders in the areas of globalization, brain science and visual thinking strategies. Dr. Yong Zhao, Anne Murphy Paul, Pat Bassett, Philip Yenawine and Dr. Judy Willis were the featured keynote speakers. Collegiate welcomed over 200 educators from local public districts and other independent school from Massachusetts, Tennessee, Texas, Ohio and Indiana.

Click here to register for LearnFest '17.
Kentucky Google Summit
In 2015, Louisville Collegiate School was chosen as the host site for the Kentucky Google Summit.  The Google Summit featuring Google for Education is a high intensity two-day event that focuses on deploying, integrating, and using Google Apps for Education and other Google Tools to promote student learning in K-12 and higher education. Google Summits take place year round across the globe outside the United States including the countries of Thailand, Oman, Argentina, Japan, Bahrain, and New Zealand.

Register here to attend this Fall. Workshop
In 2015, Collegiate hosted the local professional development workshop led by K-5 facilitators, who are experienced computer science educators. This six hour workshop prepares elementary teachers to teach the Code Studio courses for grades K-5. This workshop is always free and open to the public for all K-5 educators.
Greater Louisville Council Teachers of Mathematics
The GLCTM periodically holds quarterly professional development meetings on Collegiate’s campus.  In 2015, Collegiate welcomed the President of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM), Linda M. Gojak, to campus for the GLCTM winter meeting. Collegiate alum,Tori Murden  McClure, ’81,was the guest speaker in 2009 at the fall meeting which featured her book, A Pearl in the Storm.
Jones & Associates Consulting
Jones & Associates hosted a cultural competency workshop designed for local and regional educators in 2014.  Participants were empowered to apply the critical skills necessary to shape student success in our new global reality and build a foundation to link cultural competency to 21st century skills that can be applied to curriculum and program.

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