The Maker Movement

The Maker movement represents a resurgence of hands-on experimenting, designing, building and inventing. It’s about being resourceful, doing things yourself, and repurposing or fixing broken toys, appliances and electronic devices, rather than throwing them away. It’s about seeing the objects around us in new contexts, and it’s about trying and failing, then trying again.

Maker projects frequently represent a fusion of Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM). The classrooms, libraries, warehouses, basements and tents in which making happens are called makerspaces. In broad strokes, a makerspace is a workshop equipped with a wide variety of tools and supplies, such as computers, 3D printers, laser cutters, soldering irons, CNC milling machines, hand tools, power tools and bins of building materials. The projects that come out of makerspaces can be as simple as a wooden birdhouse, or as complex as an autonomous flying robot. 

The Collegiate Makery

The Makery is comprised of a Design Studio and Prototyping Lab where students and teachers gather to collaborate, invent, design and build. The Makery is equipped for light woodworking and metalworking, 3-D printing, vinyl cutting, laser cutting and etching, and more. The Makery supports curricular initiatives across all divisions of the school.

Lower School

Lower School students of all ages visit The Makery to complete projects ranging from Junior Kindergarten’s GeoBoards and Nerdy Derby race cars to Fifth Grade’s culminating Western Civilizations Project. The Makery also hosts after-school exploreCollegiate classes and summer STEAM programs for Lower School students.

Middle School

Sixth-graders use The Makery’s tools and supplies to complete an interim study of water filtration and delivery. Seventh-graders meet in The Makery for Design and the Arts, a quarter-long class focusing on the basics of design, with a focus on stage sets and properties. Eighth-graders use The Makery’s electronics prototyping tools to build darkness-sensing circuits. After-school exploreCollegiate classes and summer STEAM camps are offered to Middle School students, as well.

Upper School

The Makery serves as the primary workspace for Upper School students enrolled in the Maker Portfolio Lab, Engineering Design and Edge Design courses. The Makery also hosts Mixed Media Sculpture students from Visual Arts, Seniors working on culminating Capstone projects and students wishing to tinker or work on independent projects after school.

The Makery Open Lab Hours

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays
3:00- 5:00 p.m.

For more information about The Makery, Contact, Director of Maker Education, Greg Geis at

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