Global Citizenship

A key component of Collegiate’s mission is to prepare our students for a lifetime of global engagement. Our students must be able to compete with their counterparts from New York as well as New Delhi. With 57% of the world’s population living in Asia and with United States dominance challenged, we must prepare our students to be outstanding citizens of the world. We must integrate global engagement into all facets of the Collegiate educational experience. We must embed knowledge, understanding, and passion for the complexities and interdependencies of the world in which we live. The end goal is that our students will feel confident and be competent to live, work, and play anywhere in the world.

A global citizen is defined as someone who identifies with being part of an emerging world community and whose actions contribute to building this community's values and practices. ~The Global Citizens’ Initiative

NAIS Principles for Good Practice of educating for Global Citizenship are embraced by Louisville Collegiate School. “Twenty-first century independent schools must prepare students to be knowledgeable, compassionate citizens and effective leaders within a rapidly transforming world. This objective requires an understanding of one's own culture while extending well beyond the boundary of the nation where instruction occurs.” ~ NAIS
NAIS Principles of Good Practice for Global Citizenship:

  1. Present a view of the world that invites and rewards curiosity concerning the richness and diversity of all human societies and encourages respect for all people.
  2. Develop a curriculum that helps students recognize how differing cultures, traditions, histories, and religions may underlie views and values that can sharply contrast with their own.
  3. Provide resources and activities in support of instruction that can help carry learning in the direction of world understanding.
  4. Expect teachers, administrators, and other staff members to model respect for all peoples and cultures and to address constructively instances of bias or disdain for nationalities, cultures, or religions outside of their own.
  5. Seek beyond the institution itself partnerships and networking that may help it promote global awareness, experience, and problem-solving for its students.
  6. Educate and encourage parents to support school initiatives that promote global understanding.
  7. Seek a diversity of cultural, national, and ethnic backgrounds in the recruitment of teachers and administrators.

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